Monday, 13 January 2014

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

So last night I watched this film 'the truth about cats and dogs' with Uma Thurman, Janeane Garofalo and Ben Chaplin.  It's a really good film if you like a romcom with a pet or several thrown in - that's my sort of movie! I mean that's everyone's sort of movie right?  Anyway, it got me thinking about pets generally and what makes pets and romance get along so well.

The simple answer is that pets are great, all normal and decent people love us, we are a great talking point, we keep you fit and healthy, we rarely answer back, we are comparatively cheap, we are amusing, we are ... Ok, so I am going to stop there because I am pretty modest really and don't like to go on, but you get the point, or a brief selection of some of the points.

So you've got the pet which is all positive.  The next step is to get the romance which is all positive, I mean if the romance isn't all positive then it's not really much of a romance.  So how does the pet fit into all of this. Well I have the answers.  I have all the answers.  You must forgive some bias because I am a dog and I generally get on with dogs and nearly all other animals so I am going to say good things about dogs, but the fact is once you've got your pet (and let's assume your pet is a dog called Noodles) people will like you because they like me, not just because of that but I will help.

So where are we?  Right, so there's you and me and we're happy and people are happy to meet us.  You are a nice person and one of the reasons people know this is because you've got such a nice dog .... ME! So half the battle is over when people meet you.  Not only that, you get out more because of me, you get air into your lungs, you go places you wouldn't go without me, you see new things, experience new sensations, explore new avenues.  I know that sometimes the dog isn't enough and you might want a human companion - I mean I'm not sure I understand this, but I know I'm right here - call it Canine intuition.  I guess I like a bit of four-legged company myself sometimes so I'll give you a break on this one.  So what's the best way forward? Easy, find someone with a pet.  Why, because if it works so well for you it'll also work well for your new companion in  life.  I mean, who do you know who really loves their pet who's really yuck, horrible, untrustworthy and unfriendly?  Who do you know that really looks after their animals who doesn't have a heart?  Who do you know who really cares for their pet who isn't really caring?  There you are! Your own experience tells you that true animal lovers are the good guys and the good guys are the ones worth meeting up with to see if you (and, you never know, us pets) have something worth pursuing.  Give it a go, you never know!

That's the whole idea of PetsPartnersandPals and I believe in it.  I think you will too.  Just ask Becky and Richard who met through PetsPartners and are now husband and wife.  What a great feeling to know we've been a small part in helping them and many others get together and share their lives with one another.  And us pets! Well, use us to make the whole getting together thing easier.  Meet in parks and open countryside, in the grounds of beautiful country houses, by rivers, on beaches and walk and talk.  What a new and exciting way to meet - could be easier than being stuck in some bar.  Or find a pet friendly bar and take your own Noodles (the dog not the dish) along - what a great talking point to get things moving!  Yes, I know, for a small dog I'm full of pretty good ideas.  I'm also happy, delighted in fact, to share them with you, so go for it.
Make 2014 a great year and have the fun you deserve!